Are you struggling with tangled & dis-organised cables & wires?

  • Do you have messy dis-organised drawers?
  • Do you have mounds of tangled cables around your home?
  • Are you unsure what cables you have?
  • Do you waste hours de-tangling to gain access to one cable?



CABLE-X the easy to use eco-friendly, 3D printed cable tidy solution.

Eco Friendly Benefits

  1. CABLE-X is made from PLA a Bio-degradable made from renewable resources, such as corn starch or sugarcane
  2. CABLE-X is non-toxic!
  3. PLA plastics can be broken down in a suitable composting facility within 45 to 90 days and 6 months to 2 years in household waste.

What people are saying

What if you didn’t need to do that anymore?

What if you could organise your
drawers easily with a colour coded system?

What if you could easily wrap your cables so they no longer tangle up?

What if when you look for a cable you could clearly see what you where looking for?

Well you can, with

We hand make Cable -X in the UK

We make & package Cable-X here in the UK using a small army of robots and a selection of custom 3D printed tools. which is how we keep the cost low and reduce the environmental impact of our product. Our packing is made from recycled and re purposed paper and card scraps. everything is recyclable.


How it works



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